The most common way people find out about Accelerate Computer Training is from someone who has been to our classes. Read what Jocelyn of the Caltech Library says after she and her team attended three days of Excel training:

“I just received a message from an attendee saying it was the most informative class he’d ever taken. You and your team are really great. Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge of Excel with us in such an accessible way! We will definitely want to have you (or any of your staff) back again.”

Lauren Tawa of The Huntington Library says this about Accelerate after attending several training classes:

“I am just so grateful to you and for each of the amazing classes I was so fortunate to take at Accelerate. Your program is the ultimate! It is just outstanding, and I’d recommend all to take any of the amazing variety of courses you offer. The classroom is set up very fine and complete with the most excellent teachers available --Jonathan, Chana, Beverly -- the very best!”

Accelerate owner Tim Jones had the honor of presenting a full-day pre-conference training session at the FileMaker Developer Conference in Las Vegas. Read what Sean Miller of Edmond, Oklahoma wrote after attending Tim’s FileMaker training session:

“Tim Jones - I must say that you are a great instructor. This was my first time at Devcon and new to FileMaker. I have to give mad props for instructing a beginners class and doing a high class job at that. I came out of that training with a wealth of knowledge and a new path to travel thanks to your great instructions. I can’t say enough, pleasure to have met and learned from you.”

More Reviews

“I did a ton of research and comparison before I enrolled to take my classes with you, by far you’re the best in Long Beach and the South Bay. In my professional life I have encountered a number of corporate trainers, management, business owners, and entrepreneurs, you and your staff really do represent what training and education should be. Everyone is welcoming and knowledgeable, along with kind and understanding. Those attributes are something that really needs to be out there, so that other consumers can make the right choice for education and come to you first.”
Melissa H.
“This was the best training class that I’ve ever attended. The material was excellent, the presentation quality and pacing were perfect. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning how to use FileMaker to develop database solutions.”
Lisa Dahm, Ph.D., Director, Research Computer Services, ITS, City of Hope National Medical Center
“It was an amazing class! Jonathan did a great job. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient.”
Mayumi Tran, Western National Property Management
“I truly enjoyed the class and got SO much out of it—Jonathan was great. I have actually referred the class to three colleagues already.”
Annie Alvelais, Children’s Hospital of Orange County
“I had a wonderful experience in this 3 day training. I felt like I learned a tremendous amount of information, tips and tricks. The instructors were focused, patient and extremely competent. The Illustrator Day 2 & 3 instructor was quite funny and I appreciated the 80s movie references he used, it brought a sense of lightness to very intense software instruction. I would take courses from you again and would recommend to others, thank you very much.”
Emily Brandt, Graphic Design & Yearbook, Scotts Valley USD
“I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and I learned SO much! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Tell Bill he did a great job, and he was extremely helpful and thoroughly explained things.”
Elaine, Carter Consulting
“I truly enjoyed your training and feel your classes are amazing and informative. The time and patience you take to teach your students is exemplary. I’ve been to a few trainings in my 38 years of service to the county and found you are the best I’ve attended.”
Sandy Contreras Rodriguez, LA County Hall of Records
“I really enjoyed the class. I am going to miss it. Your knowledge and teaching style is priceless. I will incorporate all I have learned into my database duties. I wish I would have taken this class years ago. I definitely will share Accelerate Computer Training with my colleagues. Looking forward to taking more classes.”
Elizabeth D. Anguiano, CALTRANS, Information Technology
“At [the organization], we have over 1,000 computer users from extremely differing backgrounds and computer experience. Tim Jones is one of those special trainers who can relate to each one and assist them in improving their computer skills. Evaluations we receive from participants consistently cite his thoroughness, nice personal style and knowledge of the topic. As a training coordinator, I am assured to have positive results when Tim is the instructor.”
Renée Buenting, training coordinator, large non-profit organization
“Dear Tim, I came to you after having failed the tech test at a job interview, a job I really wanted and needed. The head of the company said he would be willing to re-test me in September, when they would actually be looking to hire someone. I was desperate. I needed to learn PowerPoint, Excel and brush up on Word. I took a two-day seminar at a well-known national computer training school and felt no more confident about my skills than before. Then I hired someone to come to my house for one-on-one training. It was very expensive, albeit very hands-on, but again, I just did not feel that I was grasping the concepts, particularly PowerPoint, which I really needed to master for this job.

I then found your website and after just one lesson with you, it was as if the clouds had parted! I knew I had found the person who could help me accomplish my goals. Your very concise and understandable teaching style, along with your small classroom size and hands-on approach was a very winning combination. I went on to take several more classes at Accelerate and I GOT THE JOB!! I start on Monday, and I know it wouldn’t have happened without your instruction, Tim. You were so good and patient, you really give it your all - and your all is awesome!

Thank you again - I owe it all to you, and I would and will recommend your company to anyone.”

Linda S., Accelerate student
“Best training environment experience I have had in all my years of I.T.”

Student class evaluation
“We had a truly wonderful experience with Jonathan, and I feel that the team got a lot out of our two days with him. He had varied levels of expertise to work with, and he did an amazing job of ensuring everyone got the attention they needed while keeping it fun and effective. Very pleased!”
Chuck Pistorini, Manager, Business Systems and Process
“The class provided by Accelerate Computer Training for HTML Basics and taught by Tim Jones was spectacular. Having attended classes provided by other companies, I can say that the instructor’s knowledge of the topic and ability to communicate that knowledge is unmatched.

Many training companies devote class time to non-value added information about other classes that the company offers or items not covered in the class. I have also attended classes where the prepared documentation is not supported by the labs, i.e. examples don’t work or the prepared data isn’t where the provided instructions say the data will be. Time is then wasted re-explaining how the lab would have worked if the instructions had been correct.

Accelerate always has well prepared classes with working examples. The labs work as expected and are often tailored to the requirements of the students should a question be found to be of common interest. Thank you Accelerate for a job well done!”

Andrea Trujillo, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems
“I wanted to let you know directly, too, what a tremendously valuable learning experience I had in the InDesign class with Jonathan. He is a rare gem, a person who has just the right blend of skills to make a real difference. His content knowledge is top notch, his design sense is terrific and his passion for the work is positively inspiring. More than that, though, he has the ability to understand and connect with people, and to find the best of a variety of ways to communicate the information, all while making it fun and interesting. It’s not often I consider sitting in a room all day for two days during summer fun and interesting, but he managed to make it so.”
Kate McLaughlin, El Camino College Journalism Dept.
“Your professionalism, knowledge of the material, ease with the class and humor were spot on. I can say that this was one of the best, if not the best, training courses I have taken. Many others who I have talked with today at the Huntington say the same thing. You were fantastic.”
Mario Einaudi, The Huntington Library
“Tim is an invaluable asset to our computing training program. He has been involved in redefining our curriculum for our monthly classes, taking on the challenge of learning new applications, and has provided professional advice so that we can provide excellent training to our employees. Without Tim, we would not be as successful as we have been over the past year. He took a program that was dying on the vine and breathed new life into it. The student response has been excellent. Whether it is a high level staffer or support staff taking the class, Tim has a way with all students to make them feel comfortable and allow them to be in a positive learning environment. I am confident that anyone who steps into Tim’s classroom will walk out with learning much more than they have in any other computer training course. I cannot say enough good things about him and his skills as an instructor.”
Emily Paulson, training coordinator, The RAND Corporation
“Our department has really responded well to the training sessions. Thank you so much for providing a valuable service. We really enjoy spending time with Beverly. She’s knowledgeable, but humble, and always so appreciative of our Trader Joe’s snacks!! Ha!”
Bobbi L., designer, Trader Joe’s
“I just wanted you to know I learned a tremendous amount about FileMaker Pro in your class. You gave great, easy to understand explanations for how/why things work the way they do. And the handout is great. I can recreate what we did and have already referenced it a couple of times.”
Libby S., Vice President and Manager of Business Services
“I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Adobe Indesign CS4 Beginning course I took last week. The instructor, Jonathan Levit, was very engaging and made the class fun and interesting; I learned so much more than I expected. I’m already applying what I’ve learned to my work; our materials will never be the same! I would definitely be interested in taking another class, whether it’s an intermediate or advanced class, and will also highly recommend Accelerate Computer Training to my colleagues.”
Victoria Ballesteros, Communications Officer, Long Beach Development Services
“I want you to know I really enjoyed taking your class last month—it has been incredibly helpful. I work on Dreamweaver now every day, and I’m constantly using the tips I picked up in your class.”
Deirdre E., Web Content Specialist
“Tim Jones is an amazing instructor. He exceeded my expectations. His patience with all of us and ability to explain and respond to questions makes him an outstanding instructor. I learned things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know. I would highly recommend Accelerate Computer Training.”
Accelerate student
“Tim’s company provided organized, professional training. I took an Adobe InDesign course with one of his trainers in October 2010, and I finished the course with valuable skills that I was able to immediately implement! I recommend his company for anyone working in new media, digital and print publication.”
David Meacham, Business Consultant
“The Intermediate Excel seminar put on by Accelerate Computer Training was one of the best seminars I have attended. The instructor, Carol, was an expert in her field and was able to cover the material in a way that was easy to understand. I learned so much during the course that I will use constantly in my position at Broadcom. Thank you so much for putting together a great training! I will definitely recommend ACT to all of my peers!”
Jordan G., Broadcom Corp.
“Tim’s course in FileMaker Pro 10 benefitted from his thorough knowledge of the package. But not only that, his teaching style was patient and empathetic, while ensuring the students completely absorbed every strategy he was teaching. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone.”
Accelerate student
“Hi Tim, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class -- you are a brilliant instructor. I’ve already been putting the training to work. I’m sure I’ll be back again.”
Lisa G., Art Director/Graphic Design, The American Art Kitchen
“I want to say a sincere thank you for the two days of classes you provided for me. They were excellently presented and thoroughly clear. From one teacher to another—great job! I will come back for more.”
Carl C., school teacher
“Tim is an excellent instructor and I learned so much from him during my session. I wish I had that course in high school and definitely before writing my 6 chapter, 100+ page dissertation. Oh well, I know it now. Definitely the best course I have ever taken.”
Tepring Piquado, PhD, Neuroscientist
“Tim is a very personable instructor, and the course was as thorough as possible considering it was a lot to cover in one day. Great job, I’d certainly consider returning for more training in the future!”
Accelerate student
“I learned more than I anticipated, and the class set-up made it extremely easy. I learn by doing, and this class was very hands on, as opposed to other computer classes that have been more of a lecture style. I would highly recommend Accelerate and Tim to anyone!”
Accelerate student
“It definitely was our pleasure to have you come up to teach us. Everyone is singing your praises and excited to try out what we’ve learned. We learned so much in a matter of two-and-a-half days, wonder how much we could’ve accomplished in a week. Definitely will call you when we have another training class in mind.”
April Chan, Apple Computer
“The trainer, Tim Jones, is very adept at explaining the material. He does not simply regurgitate what is in the book, but has a deep understanding of the material, thus is able to explain concepts in several different ways for all levels of learners.”
L. H., Accelerate student
“Accelerate Computer Training provided me with excellent Filemaker Pro training. Being a “self taught” database designer and administrator left a lot of holes in my knowledge that I wanted to fill. Tim’s willingness to structure the training sessions (on the fly) to meet my needs made every minute of my four days of training worthwhile and invaluable.”
Accelerate student
“Finding Accelerate Computer Training almost one year ago was an answer to prayer. Tim, and the training he provides, is helping us take our database to a higher level, providing efficiency and much needed information to our end users. Thank you, Tim!”
Accelerate student
“Accelerate Computer Training’s Filemaker Pro series is a must for anyone who needs to learn database design. Tim Jones is a thorough and patient instructor who demystifies the inner workings of Filemaker. I learned more in one week with Tim than I did in 18 months of self-paced training with videos and books. An invaluable experience!”
Accelerate student
“Dear Tim, Thank you for providing such an outstanding education opportunity.

Every aspect of your InDesign CS3: Beginning class program was geared toward student ease and maximum educational experience. The comfortable chairs, parallel teacher-student workstations, cold water, and beautiful office suites complemented the impressive instructional program.

Clearly an accomplished expert in his professional field, Jonathan is also an exceptional instructor whose engaging teaching style created an interactive learning environment where we all learned more than we would have imagined. Taking into account all of our educational/professional needs, he structured the lessons to benefit our real world applications.

I very much appreciated how thoroughly you reviewed my initial questions before I committed to the class. Your attention to detail in those initial emails illustrated the professional and personal consideration we would receive in the classroom.

It was a true pleasure working with your company and I look forward to taking the next level of InDesign after the first of the year.”

Kevin Y., graphic designer
“I was very pleased with my Dreamweaver experience! I appreciate how you provided the scaffolding necessary to allow the student to move to more advanced techniques without trepidation and with a clear purpose. I love the fact that we can retake within a six-month window. I don’t anticipate needing another three days, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I have the option. I look forward to taking classes in the future and will be sure to tell friends and colleagues about the top-of-the-line service you provide.”
Chad L., graphic designer
“I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you are doing to help Norma and Susan with the DuBard School Filemaker database! They learned SO much from their workshop with you. Continued improvements in efficiency will make our work far more effective and less cumbersome. Please know that we deeply appreciate your contributions to our improvements.”
Maureen K. Martin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, CED, CAMI, Director, DuBard School for Language Disorders, Univ of Southern Mississippi
“I really enjoyed the class very much. Sue was absolutely amazing. She truly inspired me to overcome my technology anxiety. Thank you so much. I was pleasantly surprised that businesses with your integrity still exist.”
Dorra Cherif

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Accelerate Computer Training is an Adobe Authorized Training Center, authorized by Adobe Systems, Inc. to deliver classes in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and Acrobat. In addition, Accelerate trainers are Adobe Certified Experts in each program they teach, having passed a challenging professional examination that tests their knowledge of the program and its usefulness in creating real-world solutions. They are also Adobe Certified Instructors, proving that they have the ability to patiently and professionally teach software skills and techniques.

Adobe Authorized Training Center

Accelerate Computer Training is one of a handful of companies worldwide authorized by FileMaker, Inc. to deliver the FileMaker Training Series courses. Read what FileMaker, Inc. has to say about Accelerate Computer Training:

“As a FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer, Accelerate Computer Training has undergone training directly from FileMaker, Inc. to deliver the FileMaker Training Series programs and has extensive knowledge of FileMaker best practices and solutions. The courses are highly customized to accelerate learning and increase individual productivity. FileMaker recognizes and recommends Accelerate Computer Training as a qualified trainer.”
- FileMaker, Inc.

FileMaker Business Alliance Trainer

FileMaker Certified Developer

Tim Jones, Accelerate Computer Training’s owner and principal trainer, is a FileMaker 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 Certified Developer.

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Partial Client List

Accelerate Computer Training trainers have trained members of these noted organizations:

20th Century Fox
Apple Computer
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
City of Hope
Walt Disney Co.
The J. Paul Getty Museum
Kaiser Permanente
Los Angeles Times
NFL Properties
Rubin Postaer & Assoc.
Sony Music
Sony Pictures Entertainment
St. John Knits
Time-Warner Interactive
Trader Joe’s
UC Irvine
Warner Bros. Online