Frequently Asked Questions

Our public classes are classroom-style hands-on training with an expert instructor teaching and guiding you through real-world exercises and projects. Our website makes it easy to find each class we offer and register yourself into it, or you may call and register over the telephone. Classes are scheduled in advance on a five-week cycle. To take a class, please register in advance.

Watch this video to learn more.

You do not have to come to Long Beach to attend our classes in person, though you can if you wish. Through web-meeting technology, you can join and fully participate in our live classes without the hassle and expense of freeways, air travel or hotels. To learn more, visit Attending Classes Remotely. It is live training without the travel.
We have modern Mac and Windows computers here, and most of our classes are offered on both platforms, whichever you prefer to use (which is why we ask for your preferred platform when you register for training). One notable exception to this cross-platform policy is our Microsoft Office classes. Because the Mac and Windows versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint differ significantly, we separate these classes by platform, so please be sure you are signing up for the right class. If the class title specifies Windows or Mac, the class is specific to users of that platform.
You receive a handsome printed certificate for each of our classes you attend. However, though our certificates look great and show that you have been well-trained, they are not the same as becoming an Adobe Certified Expert, a FileMaker Certified Developer or a Microsoft Office Specialist, for example. To earn those certifications, you must take (and pass) an exam offered by the official test provider chosen by the software publisher. There are testing centers all around the United States and in many parts of the world. Follow these links for more information on:
Yes. We will gladly deliver customized training at your location within the greater Southern California region. We call it corporate training. To host a successful training class, your location needs a room large enough to hold the desired number of attendees, each with a computer equipped with the software being taught. The room must also have a projector and screen or video monitor large enough so that all the attendees can clearly see the instructor's screen.

Our rates for onsite training vary by class, level and duration, but if you have about four or more students, it becomes more cost-effective, not to mention convenient for your people, for you to bring us onsite rather than registering them into our public classes.
Yes. We offer discounts up to 25%, based on how many classes you register for on the same invoice. If you register for:
  • two classes, you save 10%
  • three classes, you save 15%
  • four classes, you save 20%
  • five or more classes, you save 25%
Yes, you may retake any class you have taken with us for free as many times as we run it for up to one full year from the orginal class date.

“Thank you for allowing me to retake the InDesign class. The first class was just as informative as last week's, but the second time around really helped clear away some cobwebs. Now things are really starting to click. I would highly recommend Accelerate Computer training to others.”
- Andrea Vogt, AgriTurf