Acrobat Classes

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Adobe Acrobat creates Adobe PDF files, the most common format used when distributing electronic documents. PDF (Portable Document Format) solves the many problems of electronic document dissemination: missing applications, fonts, cross-platform issues, file size, etc. You can use Acrobat to convert documents created in any application (InDesign, Quark, Word, Excel, Illustrator, etc.) into Adobe PDF files. Here are the Acrobat Pro DC classes we offer:

Acrobat Pro Day 1: Create, Edit and Optimize PDFs

One day, $349
- Acrobat Interface
- Viewing PDF Files
- Toolbars, Task Panes and Panels
- Creating PDFs
- Repurposing PDFs
- Enhancing and Editing PDF Files
- Reducing PDF File Size
- Attaching Files to PDFs
- Viewing PDF Portfolios
- Searching PDFs

Acrobat Pro Day 2: Review/Secure PDFs & Create Forms

One day, $395
- Reviewing and Commenting on PDF Files
- Comparing a Revised PDF to an Earlier Version
- Extracting Pages and Splitting a Document
- Securing PDF Files
- Using Actions
- Removing Sensitive Information from PDF Files
- Converting PDFs to Interactive forms
- Adding Fields
- Adding Interactivity
- Creating Buttons
- Accessibility Options