Adobe Creative Cloud Classes

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Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used image editing application for print or Web. It is most commonly used for resizing, retouching, color-correcting and compositing, though its rich feature set presents the trained user with virtually unlimited artistic possibilities. Here are the Photoshop CC 2017 classes we offer:

Photoshop Day 1: Photoshop Essentials

One day, $349
- Application Overview
- Image Production
- Adobe Bridge
- Navigation
- The Crop and Measure Tools

Photoshop Day 2: Layers, Colors, Selection Tools and Type FX

One day, $379
- Layers
- Colors
- Selection Tools
- Moving and Transforming Pixels
- Text and Type Effects

Photoshop Day 3: Layer Masks, Color Correction & Retouching

One day, $395
- Layer Masks
- Image Adjustment and Color Correction
- Retouching

Photoshop Advanced: Practical Advanced Techniques

Two days, $795
- Vector Tools and Gradients
- Layer Comps
- Compositing Images
- Advanced Selections
- Brush Tool
- Sharpening Images
- Actions, Droplets and Automation
- Vanishing Point Filter
- Camera Raw and DNG

Adobe Illustrator is the industry leading graphic design and illustration tool. It lets you create sophisticated artwork for virtually any medium. Powerful drawing tools, flexible color controls, and professional type controls help you create extraordinary graphics for print, web and interactive, and mobile and motion designs. Here are the Illustrator CC 2017 classes we offer:

Illustrator Day 1: Illustrator Essentials

One day, $349
- Application Overview
- Navigation
- Colors
- Using Tools
- Working with Objects
- Working with Layers

Illustrator Day 2: The Pen Tool, Live Trace and Gradients

One day, $379
- Mastering the Pen Tool
- Live Trace and Live Paint
- Live Color
- Curvature tool
- Gradients

Illustrator Day 3: Typography and Masking

One day, $395
- Using the Text Tools
- Typography
- Masking

Illustrator Advanced: Advanced Techniques

Two days, $795
- Applying Effects and Styles
- Brushes and Strokes
- Patterns
- Symbols
- Gradient Mesh Tool
- Using art as a template
- Advanced typography

Adobe InDesign is an industry-leading page layout tool used by graphic designers to lay out print projects ranging from one-page flyers to full-color magazines. Here are the InDesign CC 2017 classes we offer:

InDesign: Create Beautiful Layouts Efficiently

Two days, $695
- Application Overview
- Working With Objects
- Working With Text/Typography
- Working With Graphics
- Color
- Multiple Page Documents
- Preflight
- Printing/PDF

InDesign ePubs: Create Fixed Layout ePubs in InDesign

One day, $299
- Overview of the Fixed-Layout Format
- Text and Graphics
- Creating a Table of Contents
- Adding Interactivity and Rich Media
- Exporting to a Fixed Layout EPUB
- Previewing and Testing
- Editing the Finished EPUB

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software provides a comprehensive set of digital photography tools, from powerfully simple one-click adjustments to cutting-edge advanced controls. Create images that inspire, inform, and delight. Here are the Lightroom CC 2017 classes we offer:

Photoshop Lightroom for Photographers: Transform Your Photos

One day, $349
- Lightroom vs Photoshop
- Lightroom vs Bridge
- Exploring the Lightroom interface
- Working in Lightroom's modules
- Developing techniques using Camera Raw

Adobe Acrobat creates Adobe PDF files, the most common format used when distributing electronic documents. PDF (Portable Document Format) solves the many problems of electronic document dissemination: missing applications, fonts, cross-platform issues, file size, etc. You can use Acrobat to convert documents created in any application (InDesign, Quark, Word, Excel, Illustrator, etc.) into Adobe PDF files. Here are the Acrobat DC classes we offer:

Acrobat Day 1: Create, Edit and Optimize PDFs

One day, $349
- Acrobat Interface
- Viewing PDF Files
- Toolbars, Task Panes and Panels
- Creating PDFs
- Repurposing PDFs
- Enhancing and Editing PDF Files
- Reducing PDF File Size
- Attaching Files to PDFs
- Creating PDF Portfolios
- Searching PDFs

Acrobat Day 2: Review/Secure PDFs & Create Interactive Forms

One day, $395
- Reviewing and Commenting on PDF Files
- Comparing a Revised PDF to an Earlier Version
- Extracting Pages and Splitting a Document
- Securing PDF Files
- Using Actions
- Removing Sensitive Information from PDF Files
- Converting PDFs to Interactive forms
- Adding Fields
- Adding Interactivity
- Creating Buttons

Adobe Dreamweaver is today's leading website development tool. Designers and developers alike use it to efficiently create and manage beautiful static and dynamic web sites. Here are the Dreamweaver CC 2017 classes we offer:

Dreamweaver Day 1: Build Your First Dreamweaver Website

One day, $349
- Introduction to Web Publishing
- Getting Started with Dreamweaver
- Adding Text to Pages
- Formatting Text with CSS

Dreamweaver Day 2: Page Layout Using CSS and Templates

One day, $379
- CSS Page Layout
- Using Templates and Libraries
- Working with Images
- Adding Navigation to Your Site

Dreamweaver Day 3: Fluid Grid Layouts, Forms & Spry Widgets

One day, $395
- Fluid Grid Layouts
- Creating Forms
- Enhancing Pages with Spry UI Widgets
- Testing, Maintenance, and Uploading