Acrobat Pro Day 1: Create, Edit and Optimize PDFs

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Quotes from our Acrobat Pro students

  • "You have such a nice place. Very professional yet comfortable class setting. Thank you especially for the refreshments…nice touch! I’ll be back and I will recommend you to friends and co-workers!"
    - Tab Brannan, Olive Garden Operations Training Manager
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and I learned SO much! Thank you for a wonderful experience. Tell Bill he did a great job, and he was extremely helpful and thoroughly explained things.
    - Elaine, Carter Consulting

Class Details

Price per person:$349
Length of class:one day
Version covered:DC


This one-day class, taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor, introduces you to Adobe Acrobat Professional. You will learn your way around the program's interface and learn to create navigable PDFs from Microsoft Office documents, from Acrobat, from Web pages and more. You will learn how to export PDF content so you can use it in MS-Office apps. You will enhance existing PDFs by inserting and deleting pages, adding text, links, headers and footers, page numbers, attachments and watermarks. You will also learn how to search PDFs, explore ways of reducing PDF file size, and create PDF portfolios.


This class is suitable for anyone with basic computer skills like using a mouse and opening and closing windows.


Acrobat Interface
- Navigating PDF documents
- Magnification shortcuts
- Working with documents
- Setting Preferences

Viewing PDF Files
- In Read mode
- In Full Screen mode
- Splitting the view

Toolbars, Task Panes and Panels

Creating PDFs
- From Microsoft Office
- From Acrobat
- PDF Maker options
- From a blank page
- From files, adding pages & bookmarks
- From Web pages

Repurposing PDFs
- Exporting to .docx and .xlsx
- Saving images from PDF files

Enhancing and Editing PDF Files
- Inserting, rotating and deleting pages
- Renumbering pages
- Editing text and adding links
- Adding a video to a PDF
- Setting document properties and adding metadata
- Copying text and images from a PDF file
- Editing images and other objects in PDF files

Reducing PDF File Size
- By saving
- Using the PDF Optimizer

Attaching Files to PDFs
Viewing Portfolios (legacy support)
Searching PDFs
- Searching for text in PDF files
- Using advanced search options

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