HTML Intro: Fundamental HTML and CSS

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Monday, October 29, 2018
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM*
Trainer: Tim
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Price per person: $299
Length of class:one day
Version covered:5


This one-day class teaches you the HTML needed to develop functional Web pages using nothing but a text editor. The site you build in class will include formatted text, lists, rules, hyperlinks, images and tables. This class will also better prepare you for taking our Dreamweaver class.


This class is ideally suited for people who are familiar with operating a computer and browsing the World Wide Web. No HTML programming experience required.

Class Outline

Building Web Pages Using HTML
- understanding HTML
- constructing a local root folder
- writing declaration tags and document tags
- setting page background color and font color

Creating Text and Lists using HTML Tags
- creating paragraphs and line breaks
- applying paragraph headings
- controlling alignment using tag attributes
- creating lists and horizontal rules

Formatting Text with CSS
- creating tag selector rules
- applying CSS font properties

Building Tables in HTML
- creating tables
- specifying table attributes
- adding rows
- creating header cells and data cells
- placing content in cells
- nesting tables within cells
- assigning fixed widths and flexible widths

Creating Hyperlinks
- writing paths
- writing the <a> tag and its href attribute
- name and title attributes
- linking to CSS files

Displaying Images
- writing the <img> tag
- using attributes: src, width, height, alt, align, border
- hspace and vspace
- using images as links

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Quotes from our HTML students

  • "The class provided by Accelerate Computer Training for HTML Basics and taught by Tim Jones was spectacular. Having attended classes provided by other companies, I can say that the instructor’s knowledge of the topic and ability to communicate that knowledge is unmatched.

    Many training companies devote class time to non-value added information about other classes that the company offers or items not covered in the class. I have also attended classes where the prepared documentation is not supported by the labs, i.e. examples don’t work or the prepared data isn’t where the provided instructions say the data will be. Time is then wasted re-explaining how the lab would have worked if the instructions had been correct.

    Accelerate always has well prepared classes with working examples. The labs work as expected and are often tailored to the requirements of the students should a question be found to be of common interest.

    Thank you Accelerate for a job well done!"

    Andrea Trujillo, General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.