Excel Tips and Tricks: Essential Time-Saving Techniques

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Class Details

Price per person: $179
Length of class:three hours
Version covered:for Office 365


Excel is one of the most complex and powerful software programs ever created, and becoming skilled in Excel can take many years! In this lively three-hour training session for Windows and Mac users, you will learn many tips and tricks that will save you time every time you use Excel. We guarantee you will learn techniques worth remembering!


This class is ideally suited for people who have taken the Intermediate Excel classes or have at least two years of experience using Excel.

Class Outline

- Display Formulas Instead of Results
- Display Cell Values When Creating or Editing Formulas
- Highlight All Cells Referenced by a Formula
- Highlight the Formulas that Reference the Current Cell
- Evaluate a Formula
- Using Wildcard Symbols in Formulas
- Performing a Two-Way Lookup Using Range Names

Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks
- Synchronize Scrolling Between Two Sheets
- Neatly Arrange Multiple Windows of the Same Workbook

Navigation and Selections
- Shortcuts to Select a Row, Column or Current Region
- Why the Select All Keystroke Doesn't Always Work
- Ctrl-key navigation and selection
- Complex Range Selection
- GoTo Special navigation and selection
- Jump to the Furthest Row or Column Using Your Mouse

Data Editing
- Swap the Position of Cell Ranges using Drag-Insert
- Deleting Values While Keeping Formulas
- Alter Values Arithmetically Without Formulas

Data Validation
- Validate Data
- Create In-Cell Drop-Down Lists

- Insert Static Date and Time
- Build Custom AutoFill Lists
- Access the High-Capacity Clipboard
- Create a Live Transposed Copy of Data
- Align Multiple Charts or Graphics

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Quotes from our Excel students

  • "I just received a message from an attendee saying it was the most informative class he'd ever taken. You and your team are really great. Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge of Excel with us in such an accessible way! We will definitely want to have you (or any of your staff) back again."
    - Jocelyn, Caltech Library
  • "I did a ton of research and comparison before I enrolled to take my classes with you, by far you're the best in Long Beach and the South Bay.

    In my professional life I have encountered a number of corporate trainers, management, business owners, and entrepreneurs, you and your staff really do represent what training and education should be. Everyone is welcoming and knowledgeable, along with kind and understanding. Those attributes are something that really needs to be out there, so that other consumers can make the right choice for education and come to you first."
    - Melissa H.
  • "I truly enjoyed your training and feel your classes are amazing and informative. The time and patience you take to teach your students is exemplary. I've been to a few trainings in my 38 years of service to the county and found you are the best I've attended."
    - Sandy Contreras Rodriguez, LA County Hall of Records
  • "I wanted to write back to say thank you and Sue for providing a great training day on 10/15. I think that, for the fact that I took two classes in a row but some of the information was a 'refresher' for my memory, the info was just enough for my brain. Though I know there were so few of us students that day, even if the classroom were full, I would still appreciate knowing that it's small enough so that everyone gets enough attention. And I could see that Sue was very attentive toward us and truly wanted to make sure we were understanding the lessons. I encouraged my colleagues to sign up with Accelerate should any of them want or require offsite computer training."
    - Kimberly D., American Honda Motor Company
  • "I wanted to thank you for your terrific work with our team last week.
    Our attendees are universal in their praise for Accelerate, the Excel classes, and your personal work as trainer with our team. The material covered and class tempo satisfied all in attendance. Even the more advanced of our participants experienced “aha!” moments during your class. All attendees have expressed that they expect these classes will have a direct, positive impact on their day-to-day performance. We will look forward to working with you again soon!"
    - Tim Nekuza, Dental Health Services
  • "Use Sue Smith as an instructor always. She is great and has a great method of teaching, the best personality, an amazingly knowledgeable instructor. My best class ever from any class taken."
    - Accelerate student
  • "It has been a few months since my class and I am still applying the information that I learned to everyday work. Tim Jones is a wonderful instructor who makes learning enjoyable."
    - Accelerate student
  • "Tim is a very good tutor. Extremely easy to understand and moves the class at a steady pace. I came to this class feeling I had very little knowledge of Excel, but am learning. I learned much more than I thought I would. I now feel more confident with Excel. I look forward to taking the Advanced Excel class if Tim is the instructor."
    - Accelerate student
  • "The Intermediate Excel seminar put on by Accelerate Computer Training was one of the best seminars I have attended. The instructor, Carol, was an expert in her field and was able to cover the material in a way that was easy to understand. I learned so much during the course that I will use constantly in my position at Broadcom. Thank you so much for putting together a great training! I will definitely recommend ACT to all of my peers!"
    - Jordan G., Broadcom Corp.