Google Apps Beginning: Intro to Gmail and the Google Apps

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Thursday, September 24, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Tim
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Price per person: $119
Length of class:three hours
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In this three-hour session, you will learn the basics of how to use the most popular of the Google apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Notes, Tasks, Docs, Sheets, and Drive. You will send and receive email, with attachments, schedule and share events in your calendar, and keep notes and tasks. You will also create simple word processing and spreadsheet files and learn how to save and return to them on your Google Drive.


This class is ideally suited for people with at least basic computer skills, covered in our Intro to Windows or Intro to Mac classes.

Class Outline

- compose and send emails
- send and receive attachments
- organize your messages with tabs and labels
- archive and delete messages
- search for messages
- manage your Google Contacts

Google Calendar
- schedule events, reminders and tasks
- subscribe to calendars
- share your events and calendars
- delegate permission to manage your calendar

Notes and Tasks
- keep handy notes and lists
- manage to-do tasks

Google Docs
- create rich text documents
- format characters and paragraphs
- save to your Google Drive
- print to paper or create PDFs

Google Sheets
- create spreadsheets
- enter data and simple formulas
- manage lists of data
- save to your Google Drive

Google Drive
- save and upload files to your Google Drive
- organize files with folders
- find and open files
- share files with other users

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