Photoshop Beginning: Photoshop Essentials

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Mon-Wed, August 31 - September 2, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Beverly
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Class Details

Price per person: $1095
Length of class:three days
Version covered:CC 2020


In this three-day class taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor, you will learn all of the essential concepts and techniques needed to use Photoshop efficiently, including understanding the interface, workspaces and image file formats. You will learn how to size images appropriately for print or web use, use Adobe Bridge to browse and organize images, learn to crop and straighten images, use layers and apply color, make and save selections, transform pixels, and create spectacular type effects. You will also learn the art of correcting and retouching images.


This class is designed for people with good computer skills, but no prior Photoshop experience is required.

Class Outline

Application Overview
- Photoshop interface and workspaces
- image file formats and compression

Image Production
- sizing files for print and web
- production workflow

Adobe Bridge
- understanding workspaces
- enhanced file management and automation

- getting around in the Navigator panel
- zooming in and out, using the Hand tool
- navigation shortcuts

The Crop and Measure Tools
- cropping images
- fixing perspective
- straightening images and adding canvas

- types of layers
- creating, reordering, linking and moving layers
- grouping and locking layers
- automatic layer alignment and blending

- using the Swatches Palette
- CMYK safe colors/output in RGB
- using the color sliders to choose colors
- choosing custom and spot colors

Selection Tools
- using the basic selection tools: Marquee and Lasso
- quick selection and refine edge
- selecting by color, using the Magic Wand
- adding and subtracting from selections
- filling selections with colors
- saving selections as channels
- understanding channels vs. layers
- feathering selections

Moving and Transforming Pixels
- using the Free Transform command
- moving pixels vs. moving selections
- blending modes

Text and Type Effects
- using the Text tool and warping text
- blending type and images
- using layer styles

Layer Masks
- creating and applying layer masks
- refining edges
- creating layer masks from a selection
- clipping masks
- smart objects and smart filters

Image Adjustment and Color Correction
- using adjustment layers
- black and white conversion

- using the Clone Tool and Pattern Stamp
- healing brushes, Patch and Red Eye tools
- using the Liquify filter
- using Burn, Dodge and Saturate tools

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Quotes from our Photoshop students

  • "The workshop was a huge success! Beverly's energy was contagious and we left saturated with applicable skills and information.
    We truly appreciate the quality of service you provided and hope to work with you again in the future."
    - corporate training attendee
  • "I am just so grateful to you and for each of the amazing classes I was so fortunate to take at Accelerate. Your program is the ultimate! It is just outstanding, and I'd recommend all to take any of the amazing variety of courses you offer. The classroom is set up very fine and complete with the most excellent teachers available --Jonathan, Chana, Beverly -- the very best!"
    - Lauren Tawa, The Huntington Library