Captivate Advanced: Beyond the Essentials

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Wed-Thu, August 26-27, 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Tim
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Price per person: $895
Length of class:two days
Version covered:2019


In this advanced Adobe Captivate training course you will learn to be more efficient as you produce ever-more interactive and technically-sound eLearning. You will learn to create master slides, custom themes, custom object styles, project templates, and to save hours of work by pre-editing text captions. Additionally we’ll cover quizzes, branching scenarios, advanced actions, and uploading content to a Learning Management System.


This class is suited for people who have attended our Captivate Beginning class or who are comfortable performing the skills taught in that class.

Class Outline

Caption Pre-Editing
– Rehearse a Script
– Record a Custom Simulation
– Edit a Text Capture Template
Video Demonstrations
– Record a Video Demo
– Zoom and Pan
– Smoothen a Mouse Path and Show Visual Clicks
– Split and Trim Video
– Publish Video Projects
Custom Styles, Branching and Aggregating
– Create a Text Caption Style
– Apply a Style Globally
– Export and Import a Style
– Use Buttons to Create a Branch
– Explore the Branching Tab
– Create a Slide Group
– Publish SWFs
Importing Questions Using GIFT and Question Pools
– What is a GIFT file
– Importing Questions from a GIFT File
– Rename and Create Question Pools
– Add Questions to Question Pools
– How to Insert Random Question Slides
Accessibility eLearning and 508 Compliance
– Set Document Information
– Enable Accessibility
– Add Accessibility Text to Slides
– Add Closed Captions
– Set a Tab Order
Variables, Widgets & Interactions
– Add Project Information
– Insert a System Variable
– Edit a System Variable
– Create a User Variable
– Use a Variable to Gather Data
– Insert Widgets and Interactions
Multiple and Advanced Actions
– How to Use a Completed Action
– Object Naming
– Create a Mask
– Create a Simple Action
– Object Visibility Control
– Attach an Action to a Button
– Group Timeline Objects
– Create a Conditional Actions and Decision Blocks
– Create, Import and Export Shared Actions
Consistency Using Masters and Templates
– Main Master and Content Slides
– Applying a Master to Filmstrip Slides
– Edit Master Slides
– Create and Apply a Theme
– Template Based Projects
– Create and Review a Template
– Inserting Placeholders
Designing Responsive Projects
– What is a Responsive Project
– Breakpoint Customization
– Color Themes
– How to Use the Position Inspector
– Relative Positioning
– Object Linking
Quizzing, Reporting and LMS
– Options for Quiz Reporting
– Button Interactions
– Object Slide Interaction
– Publish a Content Package to an LMS

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