Captivate Advanced: Beyond the Essentials

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Class Details

Price per person:$895
Length of class:two days
Version covered:9


In this advanced Adobe Captivate training course you will learn to be more efficient as you produce ever-more interactive and technically-sound eLearning. You will learn to create master slides, custom themes, custom object styles, project templates, and to save hours of work by pre-editing text captions. Additionally we’ll cover quizzes, branching scenarios, advanced actions, and uploading content to a Learning Management System.


This class is suited for people who have attended our Captivate Beginning class or who are comfortable performing the skills taught in that class.


Caption Pre-Editing
- Rehearse a Script
- Record a Custom Simulation
- Edit a Text Capture Template

Video Demonstrations
- Record a Video Demo
- Zoom and Pan
- Smoothen a Mouse Path and Show Visual Clicks
- Split a Video
- Trim a Video
- Publish Video Projects

Custom Styles, Branching and Aggregating
- Create a Text Caption Style
- Apply a Style Globally
- Export and Import a Style
- Name a Slide
- Copy/Paste Project Assets
- Use Buttons to Create a Branch
- Explore the Branching Tab
- Create a Slide Group
- Publish SWFs
- Aggregate SWFs

Importing Questions Using GIFT and Question Pools
- What is a GIFT file
- Importing Questions from a GIFT File
- Rename and Create Question Pools
- Add Questions to Question Pools
- How to Insert Random Question Slides

Accessibility eLearning and 508 Compliance
- Set Document Information
- Enable Accessibility
- Add Accessibility Text to Slides
- Import Slide Audio
- Add Shortcut Keys
- Add Closed Captions
- Set a Tab Order

Customizations Using Variables, Widgets and Interactions
- Add Project Information
- Insert a System Variable
- Edit a System Variable
- Create a User Variable
- Use a Variable to Gather Data
- Insert and Format a Widget
- Insert and Format an Interaction

Multiple and Advanced Actions
- How to Use a Completed Action
- Object Naming
- Create a Mask
- Create a Simple Action
- Object Visibility Control
- Attach an Action to a Button
- Group Timeline Objects
- Create a Variable
- Create a Conditional Action
- Create Decision Blocks
- Create, Import and Export Shared Actions

Consistency Using Masters and Templates
- Main Master and Content Slides
- Applying a Master to Filmstrip Slides
- Edit Master Slides
- Create and Apply a Theme
- Template Based Projects
- Create and Review a Template
- Inserting Placeholders

eLearning for Multiple Devices: Responsive Projects
- What is a Responsive Project
- Breakpoint Customization
- Color Themes
- How to Use the Position Inspector
- Relative Positioning
- Object Linking

Quizzing, Reporting and LMS
- Options for Quiz Reporting
- Create a Manifest File
- Button Interactions
- Object Slide Interaction
- Create a Manifest File
- Publish a Content Package to an LMS
- Create an LMS Account
- Create an LMS Lesson
- Create an LMS Course
- Attach a lesson to a Course
- Test an eLearning Course

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