InDesign: Create Beautiful Page Layouts Efficiently

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Class Details

Price per person: $1095
Length of class:three days
Version covered:CC 2020


This three-day class, taught by an Adobe Certified Instructor, teaches you all the essential features of Adobe InDesign. After learning to navigate the application’s interface, you will master the tools necessary to build single and multi-page print documents, including graphics, threaded text, styles and master pages. You will learn to use layers, select and export color, export files to PDF and prepare documents for output by a service bureau as well as to ePub fixed layouts.


This class is ideally suited for people with at least good computer skills. Word processing or page layout experience is helpful, but not required.

Class Outline

Application Overview
- workspaces
- best practices for panel management
- tools overview
- understanding the control panel

Working With Objects
- understanding frames
- align
- object positioning
- scaling, resizing, rotating
- selection vs. direct selection tool
- guides and smart guides
- stroke and corner options
- layers and transparency
- eye dropper

Working With Text/Typography
- placing and importing text
- paragraph vs. character formatting
- keyboard shortcuts for text manipulation
- text wrap
- deconstructing text
- text threading
- paragraph styles / character styles
- nested styles
- baseline grid

Working With Graphics
- importing images
- the Links panel
- understanding image file formats
- understanding image resolution
- image transformation

- understanding color separation
- fill vs. stroke
- swatches panel vs. color panel
- tint swatches
- gradient swatches
- CMYK vs. RGB
- spot color vs. process color

Multiple Page Documents
- pages panel
- master pages
- adding / deleting pages
- multiple page sizes
- numbering, sections, automatic page numbering

Advanced Content
- tables
- anchored objects
- table of contents
- the Book feature

ePub Fixed Layout Publishing
- overview of ePubs
- interactive elements and media
- outputting to desktop, mobile or web

- live preflight
- the Preflight panel
- packaging

- print options
- PDF export / option

Printable Course Description

Quotes from our InDesign students

  • "It was an amazing class! Jonathan did a great job. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient."
    - Mayumi Tran, Western National Property Management
  • "I truly enjoyed the class and got SO much out of it—Jonathan was great. I have actually referred the class to three colleagues already :)"
    - Annie Alvelais, Children's Hospital of Orange County
  • "My training session was perfect.  Jonathan was great. I’ve never had such a productive experience."
    - Stephanie W., ORCO Block Co., Inc.
  • “By taking this training, I gained valuable nuggets of information that will save my company time and money and makes me look like a great employee. Jonathan is an articulate, engaging and supportive trainer who made sure that all of my learning objectives were met by the end of the day.”
    - Susan W. Doles, SCAN Foundation
  • "I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the Adobe Indesign CS4 Beginning course I took last week. The instructor, Jonathan Levit, was very engaging and made the class fun and interesting; I learned so much more than I expected. I’m already applying what I’ve learned to my work; our materials will never be the same! I would definitely be interested in taking another class, whether it’s an intermediate or advanced class, and will also highly recommend Accelerate Computer Training to my colleagues."
    - Victoria Ballesteros, Communications Officer, Long Beach Development Services
  • "Our department has really responded well to the training sessions. Thank you so much for providing a valuable service. We really enjoy spending time with Beverly. She’s knowledgeable, but humble, and always so appreciative of our Trader Joe’s snacks!! Ha!"
    - Bobbi L., designer, Trader Joe's
  • "Dear Tim, Thank you for providing such an outstanding education opportunity.
    Every aspect of your InDesign CS3: Beginning class program was geared toward student ease and maximum educational experience. The comfortable chairs, parallel teacher-student workstations, cold water, and beautiful office suites complemented the impressive instructional program.
    Clearly an accomplished expert in his professional field, Jonathan is also an exceptional instructor whose engaging teaching style created an interactive learning environment where we all learned more than we would have imagined. Taking into account all of our educational/professional needs, he structured the lessons to benefit our real world applications.
    I very much appreciated how thoroughly you reviewed my initial questions before I committed to the class. Your attention to detail in those initial emails illustrated the professional and personal consideration we would receive in the classroom.
    It was a true pleasure working with your company and I look forward to taking the next level of InDesign after the first of the year.
    Best regards,
    Kevin Y."
  • "Tim's company provided organized, professional training. I took an Adobe InDesign course with one of his trainers (Jonathan) in October 2010, and I finished the course with valuable skills that I was able to immediately implement! I recommend his company for anyone working in new media, digital and print publication."
    - David Meacham, Business Consultant
  • "I wanted to let you know directly, too, what a tremendously valuable learning experience I had in the InDesign class with Jonathan. He is a rare gem, a person who has just the right blend of skills to make a real difference. His content knowledge is top notch, his design sense is terrific and his passion for the work is positively inspiring. More than that, though, he has the ability to understand and connect with people, and to find the best of a variety of ways to communicate the information, all while making it fun and interesting. It's not often I consider sitting in a room all day for two days during summer fun and interesting, but he managed to make it so."
    - Kate McLaughlin, El Camino College Journalism Dept.