Word Intermediate 1: Tabs, Indents, Graphics and Proofing

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Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Pacific Time
Trainer: Sue
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Class Details

Price per person: $149
Length of class:three hours
Version covered:for Office 365


How your documents look reflects on you, so make them look sharp! In this three-hour session for Windows and Mac users, you will learn how to format paragraphs precisely with indents, tab stops, and line and paragraph spacing, edit text with spell check and search-and-replace, and insert professional-looking images and illustrations to strengthen your message.


This class is designed for people who have attended our Word Beginning class or who are comfortable performing the skills taught in that class. Typing skills are helpful, but not required.

Class Outline

Formatting Paragraphs
- controlling line and paragraph spacing
- setting paragraph alignment
- setting tab stops to create columns
- adjusting paragraph indents
- applying borders and shading
- creating bulleted and numbered paragraphs

Proofing and Improving Text
- checking for spelling and grammar mistakes
- using the thesaurus
- replacing text throughout a document
- inserting special characters such as © and ™

Adding Graphics to Documents
- searching for and inserting graphics
- drawing shapes
- adding text boxes
- creating SmartArt graphics and WordArt
- controlling image position and text wrap
- placing a watermark

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Quotes from our Word students

  • "I truly enjoyed your training and feel your classes are amazing and informative. The time and patience you take to teach your students is exemplary. I've been to a few trainings in my 38 years of service to the county and found you are the best I've attended."
    - Sandy Contreras Rodriguez, LA County Hall of Records
  • "Tim is an excellent instructor and I learned so much from him during my session. I wish I had that course in high school and definitely before writing my 6 chapter, 100+ page dissertation. Oh well, I know it now. Definitely the best course I have ever taken."
    - Tepring Piquado, PhD, Neuroscientist
  • "I came to you after having failed the tech test at a job interview, a job I really wanted and needed. The head of the company said he would be willing to re-test me in September, when they would actually be looking to hire someone.
    I then found your website and after just one lesson with you, it was as if the clouds had parted! I knew I had found the person who could help me accomplish my goals. I went on to take several more classes at Accelerate and I GOT THE JOB!! I start on Monday, and I know it wouldn't have happened without your instruction, Tim. You were so good and patient, you really give it your all - and your all is awesome!"
    - Linda
  • "Superb class. Tim did a wonderful job in explaining each procedure slowly and distinctly. He also reinforced the learning each step of the way by careful review."
    - Accelerate student
  • "Tim explained everything well. Excellent instructor, patient with questions and thorough in going over everything enough times even for the least experienced user."
    - Accelerate student