PowerPoint Advanced: Animate Your Presentations

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Class Details

Price per person: $195
Length of class:three hours
Version covered:for Office 365


Transform static slideshows into engaging, energetic presentations by learning to tastefully apply motion to bullet text, images, shapes, SmartArt graphics and charts. Your presentations will hold your audience's attention by appearing one point or image at a time as you talk about them, without creating duplicate slides. In this three-hour session for Windows and Mac users, you will learn how to apply the four types of motion, how to control effect options like speed and direction, when to use each of the three start triggers, how to completely control the order in which elements appear and disappear, and how to apply slide transitions.


This class is designed for people who have attended our PowerPoint Intermediate class or who are comfortable performing the skills taught in that class.

Class Outline

Animating Bullet Text
- on the slide or on the master; which is best?
- adding entrance effects
- selecting effect options
- switching effects
- causing bullet points to appear one at a time

Animating Graphics and Charts
- setting the start event for an object
- mixing multiple start events within an object
- applying entrance and exit effects to an object
- controlling the order of animated objects
- adding sound

Creating Motion Path Animation
- using built-in paths
- creating custom paths

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Quotes from our PowerPoint students

  • "Best training environment experience I have had in all my years of I.T."
    - student class evaluation
  • "...I was desperate. I needed to learn PowerPoint, Excel and brush up on Word. I took a two-day seminar at a well-known national computer training school and felt no more confident about my skills than before.
    I then found your website and after just one lesson with you, it was as if the clouds had parted! Your very concise and understandable teaching style, along with your small classroom size and hands-on approach was a very winning combination.
    Thank you again - I owe it all to you, and I would and will recommend your company to anyone.
    Warm regards,
  • "Wonderful class! Tim couldn't be more helpful or knowledgeable - Paid attention to everyone in the room and addressed everyone's need/questions. I would definitely recommend the class, but moreso the instructor. I myself will definitely attend more classes taught by Tim based on my previous experience with him!"
    - Accelerate student