Visio Pro Session 1: Design and Manage Basic Diagrams

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM*
Trainer: Tim
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Class Details

Price per person: $195
Length of class:three hours
Version covered:2013


In this three-hour course, you will become familiar with the Visio interface and create a basic Visio document, create a route map by using Visio features to work with shapes and text, modify, format, and arrange shapes to enhance a basic diagram.


This course is ideally suited for a person who is familiar with using a Windows-based personal computer and has used a mouse and keyboard. Basic typing skills are helpful but not required.

Class Outline

Getting Started with Visio
- explore the Visio interface
- add simple shapes
- set drawing options

Creating a Simple Diagram
- add shapes to a diagram
- connect shapes
- add and format text
- use layers
- change the stacking order
- align and distribute
- grouping and containers

Modifying Diagram Shapes
- manage shapes
- format shapes

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